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Only Fish
“Tourist Italian? No, thank you.”
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Turquoise Dreams

2016 Travel Guide to California
Spin and Margie's Hideaway

Townsend 11 Anthologies

Learning To Speak Italian in Italy

KQED Radio: Giving Made Simple

Townsend 11 Anthologies

If you like the adventures published in Travelers’ Tales, Lonely Planet, and other creative anthologies, you’ll enjoy our bundle of thought-provoking stories—we aim to delight, entertain, amuse, and inspire readers of all ages.

Our debut volume, No Fixed Destination: Eleven Stories of Life, Love, Travel, will take you down the Nile, behind the curtains of the airline industry, and through the chill of the Ethiopian rainy season. You’ll read about finding summer love and the price that comes with it, passing yourself off as your mother, trying to train a chicken, racing a motorcycle on the world’s most demanding endurance course in China’s Taklamakan Desert, and much more.

In our second book, No Set Boundaries: Eleven Stories of Life, Travel, Misadventure, you can witness a Catalan ritual in Barcelona, shop the Italian way, freeze on an English beach, deal with prejudice in Ethiopia, backpack down a frightening road in Cambodia, rest in a California garden, and glide along on a French canal. You’ll learn about a bent zucchini that’s not a vegetable, try to help lost travelers, break a leg on a mountain trail, and dash through an ancient city in India.

In our third outing, No Definite Plans: Eleven Stories of Laughter, Love, Travel, you can learn how to hold it while rafting the Amazon, have an animated dream, witness a unique spectacle in a French cathedral, visit a women’s only sanctum in Morocco, and head for home in the Midwest. You will contemplate an emperor’s curiosity, discover the unexpected aftermath of adventure, and confront the inevitability of aging. And, in our first fiction offerings, you’ll meet unforgettable characters in China and India and ponder the generation gap in modern language.

Townsend 11 Anthologies

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