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Trip Overview
Part 1: Palermo
Part 2: More Palermo
Part 3: Segesta and Trapani
Part 4: The Greeks and Longi
Part 5: Gangi
Part 6: Siracusa and Modica
Part 7: Enna
Part 8: Mondello and Rome

Chef Jeff and I spent April in Sicily where we searched for the best food (Jeff), saw as many Greek temples as possible (me), and experienced a week of Easter celebrations (both). Our journey followed the coast north from Palermo to Segesta and Trapani, then to Selinunte and Agrigento. We headed into the mountains to Longi and to Gangi for Palm Sunday, afterwards heading back to the sea and the southeast coast at Siracusa and nearby Modica. For our final run at Easter, we left the warmth of the coast for Good Friday and Easter in Enna. (We threw in a few days in Rome, coming and going to see friends).

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On each trip, we take our individual passions for Italy beyond a general love of the culture and people. For Jeff, it’s the food. For me, it’s the language. I now have what is referred to as “business proficiency” in Italian. That means I can (and I do) conduct business in my second language. What that doesn’t mean is that I get jokes about 1980s soap opera stars or favorite children’s book characters. And I count a mere dozen idiomatic expressions in my mighty arsenal. But this year when I called Italy to make travel arrangements, I heard no dead air as I had in the past when native speakers had struggled with my accent or syntax. This trip my challenge was the Sicilian language and its more than a half-dozen dialects (even Italian movies include subtitles for Sicilian dialog). As always, communication goes way beyond the spoken word.